Aside from our Apparel, our hearts long to love the broken and forgotten all across the world. For now, we have started in America with our Homeless Communities through Outreach. Every piece of Apparel we sell, we will be printing a custom tee to personally give out during our Outreaches. Since the very first month of Mission Jesus we have always hosted small Outreaches by simply handing out PB&J to the Homeless. But we don't just handout food and say, "Have a blessed day!", we take the time to sit down and build relationships with these people. Our objective is to simply BECOME the Gospel to them. Most of them have heard the Gospel and know all about this "Jesus" we talk about, but they have never seen his love in action. That's where we come in and this is just the beginning of the vision we have for our Ministry. 

We strongly encourage you all to partake in loving the lost wherever God has you planted! It doesn't have to be perfect or pretty, just take a step of faith and watch God work.