Mission Jesus Apparel launched in the Summer of 2019. Our only focus is to present a genuine message of the Gospel to the world.

Evangelism and Missions are the heartbeat of this Brand. We have a deep burden for the lost all across the world. We take a team out to our local streets monthly to feed and pray with the homeless. Recently we have just launched a New Campaign and will be giving out custom printed tee's to the Homeless every time we do our Outreach! Profits from each purchase help us clothe and feed our local Homeless Community.

This all is just a small portion of the vision we have for Mission Jesus. Whether you purchase our Apparel or not, we encourage you to go ALL IN for Jesus! Don't let another day go by without reading your bible, praying and bearing witness of what Jesus has done for you. It's time for the Church to become the Church.


Moses O.